T-Pill 72 Levonorgestrel Tablets From T Pill 72
T-Pill72 Kaho Dil Se


Composition :
Each Tablet contains:
Levonorgestrel - 1.50 mg


Levonorgestrel is a synthetic derivative of the naturally occurring female sex hormone, progesterone. It is used to reduce the chances of becoming pregnant after unprotected sexual intercourse, medicine is commonly known as 'the morning after pill.

Progesterone after T Pill 72


The action of Levonorgestrel includes: -

  • Prevention of ovulation and fertilization.
  • Increases the thickness of the natural mucus at the neck of the womb (cervix), making it more difficult for sperm to cross from the vagina into the womb.

T Pill 72 shows pregnancy process and activity of Levonorgestrel
By preventing sperm entering the womb, successful fertilisation of an egg, leading to pregnancy, is less likely. Levonorgestrel is also thought to alter the lining of the womb, preventing it from being prepared for a fertilised egg. This means that if an egg is released from the ovaries and is fertilised, it cannot implant into the womb and therefore pregnancy is avoided. The whole process from fertilisation to implantation in the womb can take up to three days, so the morning after pill can only stop a pregnancy for up to 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.


  • The absolute bioavailability of levonorgestrel was determined to be almost 100% of the dose administered.
  • The levonorgestrel is hydroxylated in the liver and the metabolites are excreted as glucuronide conjugates.
  • Only about 1.5% of the total serum levels are present as free steroid, but 65% are specifically bound to SHBG.
  • About 0.1% of the maternal dose can be transferred via milk to the nursed infant.


  • 95% if taken within 24 hours, 85% if taken 24-48 hours and 58% if taken after 48 up to 72 hours.
  • 1500 microgram single dose of T-PILL 72, when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, prevented 84% of expected pregnancies. (Lancet 2002; 360: 1803-1810) This was in comparison with 79% of expected pregnancies when two 750 microgram tablets were taken 12 hours apart).
  • It is therefore, recommended that the complete course of one tablet of T-PILL 72  is taken as soon as possible (and no later than 72 hours) after unprotected intercourse.
    NOTE: This method can prevent an undesired pregnancy but it does not protect against STDs and AIDS


  • This is an emergency contraceptive for women after sexual intercourse without protective measures

For oral administration: One tablet should be taken as soon as possible, preferably within 12 hours and no later than 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. T-Pill 72 can be used at any time during the menstrual cycle unless menstrual bleeding is overdue.

Mild nausea and vomiting may happen occasionally, it may disappear usually without treatment. But if the symptoms are serious, please consult doctors.


  • Mammary cancer,
  • Cancer of reproductive organ,
  • Liver dysfunction, or having hepatopathy and jaundice history recently,
  • Venous thrombus,
  • Cerebrovascular accident,
  • Hypertension,
  • Angiocardiopathy,
  • Diabetes and women over forty.


  • It is an emergency contraceptives used for the failure of contraception, not used for inducing labor.
  • An individual should not take it as regular contraceptives and should adopt the reliable contraceptive measures in the period from the administration to the next menstruation occurrence.
  • The women who vomit within 2 hours after administration should take additional tablet immediately.
  • Some women may experience early or delayed onset of next menses. If the next menstrual period is more than one week overdue, visit the doctor to exclude the possibility of pregnancy
  • Those who are allergic to this product are contraindicated. Those who have hypersensitiveness history should take it cautiously.
  • It must not be used when its characteristics change.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Patients, who take other medicines at the same time, should consult doctor or pharmacist before taking this medicine.


  • Emergency oral contraceptive pill
  • Single 1.5mg dosage as compared to two 0.75mg dosages.
  • Safest method of contraception as compared to other non surgical methods of contraception
  • Upto 98% protection from unwanted pregnancy when taken within 12 hours   after unprotected sex.
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